Un’associazione culturale
fatta di persone e musica.

A project for the city

Piano City Milano is the first diffuse festival in Milan. Born in 2011 it has grown and has evolved alongside the metamorphosis and rebirth of Milan.

A project for the city that since the beginning has been characterized as a project of, and with, the city thanks to an innovative working method which involves institutions, artists, associations, network and partners.

A silent revolution which, far from being over, overturns the dynamics: the music does not wait for an audience but reaches out in the squares, in people’s homes in unconventional venues; this diffusion does concentrate the attention on the city centre but peacefully invades the entire urban landscape. Inclusive quality culture not for the few but for everyone to further generate new culture.

Piano City Milano is not only the forerunner for the diffuse festivals that emerged in Milan successively, but also the soundtrack of the city: inspiration and tool of its regeneration.


Piano City Milano association is an instrument to find new ways to guarantee the sustainability of a project that wants to continue to be open, free and of quality: a project of the city. With the aim of becoming a true cultural reference point for the city, the association's project strives not only to manage the festival, but also to create an ongoing activity to promote the city, the music and the piano. To all Milan's citizens and businesses, the association gives the opportunity to contribute and participate in the creation of all the Piano Cities to come.


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The statute

"It is a no-profit Association, it aims to plan and realize on a continuous basis a festival in Milan and in the metropolitan area, dedicated to the knowledge and promotion of music, specifically of piano music, through cultural event diffuse through the city and characterized by the widest involvement.”

Download the full statute of the Association (in Italian):

Statuto Associazione Piano City Milano

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